Innovative Technology   


OpenWind is an instrument designed to provide sailors with precised measurements of the wind direction and speed. The application uses an advanced algorithm to calculate the true wind speed and direction in any environmental condition (e.g.: boat drift, current). 

The usual half sphered anemometer cups measures differently depending on the angle of heel. The design of the blades from the OpenWind anemometer can measure more precisely with angle variation. The innovative wind cup design is used under license from SailTimer Inc.

mounting OpenWind


OpenWind comes with a rail mount design to be attached in most of the common rails from sailboats. The aluminum support of the device can be adjusted 360 degrees on top of the rail mount.

Another alternative is screwing the device directly on the mast or any other part of the boat. Please note that the bluetooth signal propagates better with less obstruction and on a higher position.

If there is no flat surface on the top of the mast, we offer a mast mount that enables you to mount it on a vertical position.

Water & Dust Resistance

Beautiful Design meets functional requirements