Frequently Asked Questions


Can i screw it directly on the mast and will i have problems with the Bluetooth connection?

Yes you can screw it on the mast and you will have less obstruction of the wind hiting the device. We use bluetooth 5 low energy  technology that has a range up to 50 meters.

Can i connect it with NMEA2000?

OpenWind has no cables and it only connects via Bluetooth. We are working on a cable version of OpenWind for the cable fans sailors and also on the OpenNMEA device where you can connect OpenWind via Bluetooth to it and this will allow you to connect to your Charterplotter via NMEA2000.

What is the difference between the OpenWind anemometer and most common anemometers out there?

The usual half sphere cup anemometer measures differently depending on the angle of heel. The design of the blades from the OpenWind anemometer can measure more precisely with angle variation. In adition to the integrated 9 axis sensor we also correct any small decimal variations. Making OpenWind the first windmeter with angle compensation in market. 

Does it has Wifi connectivity for remote tracking?

OpenWind only connects via Bluetooth. We are working on the OpenNMEA device where you can connect OpenWind with it and this will allow you to connect it to your Charterplotter, allowing you to remote connect it with other devices available on the market.

Does the "open" means it is open source for developers?

The “open” means it is open to most smart devices available on the market, so sailors that have no charterplotter or a battery on board can still have wind information by simply using a smartwatch, tablet, or smartphone. We could eventually release the data information for developers to create they’re own app if they so wish, but the OpenWind code won’t be of public acess. 


What's the status of my order?

We will send you a shipping confirmation email with a tracking link where you can see the status of your delivery.

Can you ship internationally?

Currently, we only ship to European countries.


What payment options do you offer?

We offer Paypal and direct bank transfer as a payment option.

How can I use a voucher/discount code?

After you have added your items to your cart, please select proceed to checkout. You will have the option to add your discount or promo code to your order. Please bear in mind, only one discount code can be redeemed per order.


Device is not connecting

Make sure the device is switched on. The LED will then blink every 10 sec in blue colour. Check if the Bluetooth on your device is enabled and the app has privileges to use it.

Restart the application and try to connect within 50 meters.

If the device blinks red when switching it on, but it is not blinking blue every 10 seconds it means the battery is low. Leave it on the sun until it blinks blue, then try to connect it again.

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