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  A solar powered wind measurement instrument

OpenWind measures: AWA / AWS, compass and pitch / roll. In addition to that, our application calculates COG, SOG, VMG, AWD, TWA, TWD, TWS and rotating mast angle compensation.

 Broadcast signal 

Only one device can connect to the OpenWind instrument at a time, which will be able to send data back and calibrate the sensors. However, multiple devices can read broadcast signal simultaneously.

With the OpenWind broadcast signal you and your crew will be able to read the wind data on a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch and NMEAkit™ simultaneously.

Depending on the device, Broadcast reading may not be possible. We recommend recent models of smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.

 Signal range 

OpenWind uses Bluetooth 4.2 which has a maximum range of 50 meters when the signal is unobstructed.  The Bluetooth antenna is oriented downward from the device, yielding better range if mounted higher on the vessel.  Older smartphone models and hard cases will reduce the effective connectivity range

 UDP from third party Apps 

Many sailing applications offer a way to communicate with wind instruments. Via UDP you can read the data of OpenWind as NMEA0183 wind sentences in third party applications such as iSailor, iRegatta, NKE and OpenCPN.

Any application that can read NMEA 0183 wind sentences data via UDP is compatible with OpenWind.

OpenWind is now compatible with NOVASAIL display. It connects directly via Bluetooth between display and instrument. No cables required.

Check out NOVASAIL display at

OpenWind is now compatible with SAILMON display. It connects directly via Bluetooth between display and instrument. No cables required.

Check out SAILMON display at

 Polar diagram 

The polar diagram graph shows the sailboat’s potential speed over a range of wind speeds and relative wind angles.  
take advantage of the new polar diagram function in our Application. Determine your optimum boat speed and use this information to plan routes.

 NMEAkit™ device 

The NMEAkit is a device that reads the data from OpenWind and outputs NMEA compatible communication.  
Adding a built-in compass allows the NMEAkit to compensate for mast rotation.  An application is included to calibrate the mast 0 degree position.  After calibration, the NMEAkit will deliver rotation compensated wind data via NMEA compatible communication.
The NMEAkit application also transmits the data measured by OpenWind via Bluetooth, working as a “repeater” for the OpenWind data. 

 Carbon extender 

The carbon extender is an optional mount for OpenWind.
Built of extremely strong and light weight carbon fiber material, it will project the device forward and upward compared to the standard aluminum mount supplied with OpenWind.

 One device. Multiple applications. 

Pair with a multifunctional application that measures wind speed, wind direction as well as pitch & roll and heading information.

OpenWind App 

It is the OpenWind main Application with a more complex interface. It displays AWS, AWA, AWD, COG, SOG, VMG, TWS, TWA, TWS, pitch, roll, compass, bluetooth and battery information. It includes a map with OpenSea Map Overlay and can also compensate mast rotation. This application can run in the background and send the wind data via UPD in NMEA0183 sentences to third party applications.

WindLogger App 

For iOS only, the WindLogger  app can read the data via UDP  from the OpenWind App in the background. It  can do average data readings from the last 30, 60 or 120 minutes from AWS, TWS and SOG. It also gives you maximum readings from TWS,  AWS and SOG. It is possible to export the logged data in CSV format (AWA, AWS, TWA, TWS, COG, SOG, Yaw, Pitch, Roll).

NMEAkit App 

The NMEAkit application allows you to calibrate the mast° position and activate mast rotation compensation. It also allows calibration of the wind direction, pitch and roll from the OpenWind device. The application displays if the NMEAkit is connected or reading broadcast signal from OpenWind. It also displays AWA, AWS, pitch, roll and yaw readings from the OpenWind device.

WindTrainer App

The WindTrainer App connects directly to OpenWind via Bluetooth, it does not require the OpenWind App to be running in the Background.  This app plots the magnetic wind direction and wind speed to a graph.  It is a simplified version of the WindLogger app, designed for trainers and race officers.

MacOs App 

Requires macOS 11 or later and a Mac with the Apple M1 chip. This application allows you to connect your OpenWind device directly to your Mac! Send OpenWind data via UDP to third party applications such as OpenCPN.

Smartwatch compatible

You can find the OpenWind application for Smartwatch in the iOS AppStore, Google play store, Samsung Galaxy Store and Garmin Connect IQ Store

Find out more about the technology behind OpenWind

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