Project Manaia is an Austrian based NGO aiming to make research at sea more accessible. We provide a floating platform in the shape of SY Independence for various non Profits, Dive Centers and even universities to collect the data they need to make a difference. In recent years we managed to create Marine Protected Areas, Coral Gardens and Nurseries, map more than 30 square kilometres of seabed and a lot more.

With small scale projects we aim to better understand and ultimately protect the oceans with a focus on regional powered projects in various areas around the world (Current focus on the Mediterranean).

HL-Kiteboarding is a young company, whose uniquely concept addresses and eliminates many impurities in the kite industry.

Currently, the offer of the two young entrepreneurs is limited to the high-quality online shop, the constant support, advice of any kind and kite training on request.

In the future, the company will grow and assert themselves, among other things, by a full-fledged kite school, with completely new approaches. Your interest has been aroused? Then have a look at and get your own personal offer!